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    Pregnancy Body-Shaming

    We’ve all heard of body-shaming, especially when we’re referring to woman-to-woman criticism.  You know who are particularly vulnerable to off-the-cuff body comments? Pregnant women. You may not even know that you’re doing it, but it happens all of the time. I’ll admit, I’ve accidentally said some embarrassing things to pregnant women in the past as well.  Since this is my third go-around, I’ve become immune to all types of comments about my body and it barely phases me anymore. I usually laugh it off or find some witty retort to make them feel equally as uncomfortable, and I’m sure there are other moms that take it all with a grain…

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    5 Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

    We’ve all heard people say this when you’re pregnant, “Sleep while you can!” followed by a myriad of personal anecdotes about baby exhaustion, never sleeping again etc.  While sleep during pregnancy is very essential for growing a tiny human and for your own health, it’s often easier said than done. Many women suffer from sleep disturbances in pregnancy, much due to physiological reasons and surging hormones.  Aside from the fluffy info (e.g. don’t look at your phone 30 mins prior bedtime, meditate, go to bed early), I’m breaking down some clinical solutions with 5 tips for better sleep during pregnancy. 1. Get yourself into position- using pillows or maternity pillow…