Halfway Point in Pregnancy, Part III

20 weeks Then, Then and Now

We’ve made it to the halfway mark with this pregnancy already! Last time I wrote a blog post comparing 20 week update for my second pregnancy and my first. To keep with tradition and also show how different pregnancies can be, I’ve given some updates about this pregnancy so far.

Morning sickness
This time I was a lot more affected by symptoms of nausea, lightheadedness etc. than the first two pregnancies. “Morning sickness” is a deceptive term, since you can have these symptoms any time of day. I tended to be more nauseated towards the evening. Luckily, it was never to the point of hanging my head into the porcelain bowl.

Food Cravings
I honestly have not noticed what I’ve craved or disliked this time around. I was more conscious the first pregnancy with eating healthy and having a balanced diet etc.  I’ve become more lax with this baby to let him have whatever he wants: sweet, salty, carbs, sour. I mean, that’s kind of the attitude that carries on with the younger ones right 😉

Body Changes
I explained how my bump “popped” earlier with Carter since he was my second-born. Per usual, I looked super bloated during weeks 6-13 like I consumed a dozen tacos. I usually don’t consider it a “bump” for myself if I’m still able to suck it in. Once it gets noticeably harder to do that, I’m like ok, that’s the bump. It almost happened overnight sometime between my 15-16th week. With my first pregnancy my weight distributed throughout my body… my arms, legs, face, ass, boobs..everywhere. I also didn’t work out, took lots of naps and was relatively sedentary after work. The second and third pregnancy has been a little more centralized to my belly. I attribute this change in weight distribution to the amount of activity I engage in lifting, carrying and running around with these two crazy toddlers.

I’m going to be very transparent about my medical condition, since many women do not know about it and it may be helpful for at least someone going through something similar to hear. I had very uncomplicated pregnancies the first and second go around. This time I was diagnosed with a Subchorionic Hematoma/Hemmorhage at around 14 weeks. Although it is one of the most common abnormalities detected in pregnancies, it can get serious. There’s no clear etiology about the condition and very little known about prognosis as there is a range of risks/effects ranging from completely no symptoms/effect, to preterm labor, placenta abruption or miscarriage. A lot of women have experienced this and the hematoma typically resolves or reabsorbs, leading to a very normal rest of the pregnancy. There are some instances where it had been a not-so-happy ending for the parents. Some SCH’s can  resolve BUT can return if aggravated.
Many physicians recommend pelvic rest and lifting restrictions, as any extra strain put on the abdominal musculature, specifically the uterine muscles, can cause increased bleeding and progress the hematoma. Mine was moderately-sized when they discovered it and put my on pelvic rest and lifting restrictions. As an inpatient occupational therapist, lifting patients multiple times a day is expected. For that reason, we decided the risks outweighed the outcome of me staying in the current area of practice, so I stopped working all together.  This has helped me heal and also given me a better balance in our day-to-day life. I did decide to pivot my career a bit, so stay tuned for that announcement soon 😉 This complication has really made me more aware of what strain I was putting on myself and to take it down a notch and listen to my body. I think as moms we tend to neglect our own body’s signals, simply because there are other people to worry about and take care of. This was a good wake-up call for sure.

Energy Level
Just like last pregnancy, it’s hard to distinguish which is causing the exhaustion: the pregnancy vs daily activity of having two little monsters to chase after. Once you have a kid, you just get used to not sleeping as much. Most night at least one gets up during the night, sometimes both. I must give all the credit to my husband because he is the one that gets up with the boys at night so I can sleep and let this baby grow. He’s usually up at 545 with them and off to work for the day. So big shoutout to him for being the take-charge, sacrificial daddy/husband that he is!

Baby movement
It’s hard to tell when I first started feeling movement, as I hadn’t really taken notice this time around! I want to say the “quickening” flutters started around 12 weeks and I started feeling more deliberate movement around 16 weeks. After the kids go to sleep and I’m sitting still I can usually feel him wiggling around in there. My placenta is attached anteriorily, or in the front, so his kicks are a bit buffered and harder to detect.

Overall this pregnancy has been a bit different, but a blessing in disguise. I’m learning and listening to what my body’s limits are, but also amazed at how much I can accomplish while caring for two toddlers and preggo. I’m definitely going to relish in every moment of the second half of this pregnancy, since the time is so fleeting.

Have your pregnancies been the same or different? I’d love to hear more stories from other moms!