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3 Weeks of 3 Boys 3 and Under

It’s been a little over three weeks since we’ve brought home our little bean, Mr. Camden Roc. We’ve been asked a lot what life is like with three boys three and under so I figured I would give a family update here on the blog. To say it’s been an easy transition would be a lie, but we’re staying afloat and adjusting to our new norm.

I first must give a big shout out to our supportive tribe of family and friends, especially our parents who have come in to help us during this transition. My parents are graciously staying with us until July, with my husbands mom coming to fill in the gaps as well. Without them, we would probably be drowning in our own tears.

*All photos taken by Derek Calderon


Mother newborn new mom

The first week for me was pretty tough since I was still in the acute phase of recovering from my third C-section. If you read our birth story, you know this surgery was a little more complicated and therefore slightly more difficult recovery. Bear in mind that I’m in OT who specializes in postpartum recovery, so I had to constantly remind myself to practice what I preach and teach to my patients. I think the biggest struggle was not lifting more than the weight of the baby. This was emotionally harder for me with Carter, who was my smallest and youngest baby up until a few weeks ago, seems to be wanting more love from mama these days. Usually favors his big playmate Dada, but once we brought baby home from hospital, it was Mama he wanted for cuddles and hugs. I’m told this is verrrry common with the older ones, especially the middle child.

Most of my time is dedicated to feeding Cam, since I’m still establishing my breast milk supply to match his demand. I’ve taken a similar approach to breastfeeding as I did last time with Carter: feed on demand and not by the clock. Sometimes that means clusterfeeding every hour, sometimes every three. Sometimes I’m in front of the TV just us two, sometimes I’m walking around the house with the kids while nursing on the fly. I’ll be doing a whole post about new breastfeeding tips and troubleshooting soon.

There’s definitely mama FOMO when you have other children and a newborn. I know Camden needs me most (mostly for milk), but it means forfeiting time with my older boys (classic mom-guilt right?) Thanks to my parents being around to help out with Cam, I sometimes can pick up Chase & Carter from school to squeeze in some more time with them before bed.

My biggest accomplishment as a mom of three was the other morning when I was alone with all three and managed to bring both of the older boys to school with Camden in tow. It took a lot of coordination and preparation, e.g figuring out the order in which I put the kids in the car (so one won’t run away or try to pick up the baby). Carter on one hip, pushing the stroller with Cam and having Chase carry his own backpack and sleep mat while holding onto the stroller…we looked like a circus act but it worked!


Dad father newborn

My husband has been the MVP of the family by far. Since the day I went into the hospital, he has taken on the role of being the main parent with our two older boys…getting up in the middle of the night if they wake up, waking up at 6AM with them to get them changed, fed and ready for school, playing with them from the time he gets home until the time they go to bed. And then of course getting up during the night to help with Camden as well. And all of this while going to work full-time since he doesn’t have paternity leave. Even on his random days off he is in complete Dad mode. As exhausted as he is, this guy never ever stops putting his family first. And for that I am incredibly blessed.


Chasey is been acclimating very well to the new baby and actually shows a deeper interest than when he first became a big brother. A lot of this probably has to do with the fact he was only 19 months at the time that Carter was born. So far he’s really enjoyed greeting him in the morning, sitting in his Dock-A-Tot, and asking to hold “it” (the baby). We still have to remind him to use “gentle hands”, but so far he really enjoys having little guy around.


big brother newborn

Cardi K is still adjusting to his role as big brother…but to be honest I’m not even sure if he knows that he is one! He’s aware that the baby is in the house every day. Sometimes Carter will come over and touch the baby and play with his feet. For the most part, I think he just sees him as another person in the house. I’m sure that the brotherly love will develop eventually.

The fur babies

Now I can’t forget to include the dogs in this also. After all, they were the first babies to occupy our hearts and our home. They’ve adjusted really well to the new baby and showered him with gentle licks and snout-pokes. They’re probably just thinking “oh geez they brought home another one”. I’m surprised that Troy, who is my dog to begin with, hasn’t packed up and hightailed it out of this place. Just more members of the pack for them to look after!

All in all, we are all adjusting in different ways to our new normal. Sure we’re sleep deprived, what parent isn’t? If you want to know how we adjusted to life with two under two when Carter was born, read my old blog post! It ain’t easy, but its a blessing. We’re grateful for our extended family and friends who have been incredibly supportive. We’re grateful for a happy and healthy Camden. And I’m grateful for all of you for taking the time to be part of our journey as well!

Next up, I’ll share the full family photoshoot with Baby Cam 🙂