About Carolyn & Therapeutic Miles

Hi! I’m Carolyn.

In 2011, I had moved to Washington, DC as a new, traveling occupational therapist, with the intention to fulfill my six month assignment and move on to the next city. I started Therapeutic Miles to chronicle my journey around the country as I moved from city to city.

And then I fell in love…with this city, with the people, and with a guy. After dating for a few years, we decided to put down roots in the DC suburbs with our two pups. We got married in 2014 and in 2016 expanded our family to include a happy little boy, Chase and in 2017 welcomed another boy, Carter. Surprise! We are expecting our third boy in April 2019!

I’ve always been an avid social media user and frequently found myself posting “a day in the life” posts….mostly relatable mom stuff, practical baby activities and products and DIY/home inspiration.  Some of my friends and family found them interesting and entertaining enough to push me towards blogging. And so Therapeutic Miles was re-born. My journey transformed from a single girl bouncing around the U.S. to a woman in her mid-twenties who was navigating the transitions of marriage, pregnancy and a budding career in healthcare.  I also have become a DIY-Queen, garnering ideas for home/event decor from Pinterest and thinking “I can totally make that!”. Some are wins, some are fails, you can be the judge. As an occupational therapist, I also try to include relevant clinical topics that pertain to pregnancy, motherhood and child development.

Why “Therapeutic Miles?”

It’s not just because I’m a therapist. I see life as a series of moments, or miles traveled, that shape who we are.  Those miles could be milestones like graduating, or becoming a mom, or landing a dream job. Those miles could be distance that you’ve traveled across the world. Those miles could be memorable moments spent with family or friends that have made a profound impact on the path you chose to follow.

This is the perspective I want to promote:  if everything happens for a reason, then each one of your miles, the good, bad, successes, disappointments…are all therapeutic. Be proud of the miles you’ve traveled to get to where you are now.

So there you have it…the vision, the journey and my therapeutic miles. Hope you enjoy reading!