As A DC Local

An Afternoon at the Races

We were invited by my husband’s coworker to attend the Old Dominion Hounds Point-to-Point races on Saturday afternoon. From DC it’s about an hour and half drive out to Ben Venue Farm, in Washington County, Virginia. I definitely had to do my research to find out what exactly we were about to see. In my head, I envisioned this fox being released, a pack of hounds chasing after it, and people on horses riding behind them…like I had seen in Downton Abbey.

In fact, this particular event was just the horses racing around a grass track over hurdles and timber. Steeplechases and point-to-point races have been around since the 1700’s originating from Ireland.



I had a hard time figuring out what to wear. We had been to the Virginia Cup a few years ago, where I wore the traditional sundress and floppy hat and my husband donned a blazer, bowtie and seersucker pants. Thank goodness I decided to go with the casual Ralph-Lauren and Hunter wellies look, or else I would have looked ridiculous in that pink dress.


It was out in the middle of the field, no paved roads and lots of little hills. There was easily a few hundred people there, tailgating on the beds of trucks, SUVs and under tents.  Some kids were playing corn-hole, most people were enjoying beer/wine from their lawn chairs.

Chase met his first horse…and it wasn’t love at first sight. He almost never cries, but when he looked up to see this ginormous creature, it elicited a special response. I would have too.

Overall it’s was a great place for families and friends to veg out, watch a few races, enjoy the sweet solitude of the country-side while sipping some cold spirits. Quite the All-American afternoon.