Baby #2 on the way!

So we have some exciting news that we announced to friends and family this week: we are expecting our second little munchkin!  Our family will be expanding by one in early/mid October of this year.  I’ll admit that going through it the second time is already MUCH different than the first. The pro: I already know what to expect from week to week…not checking my “what to expect” app every week to see what size fruit it is this time. The con: I thought I was tired the first go-around with Chase, but at least I got to take naps after work.  This time, I get home from a full day of work, and still have an energetic toddler to take care of until my husband gets home to relieve me. No rest for the weary, literally!

We are much looking forward to having two little ones, but it still has not sunk in really. At times I’ve forgotten that I’m pregnant, with all the other things going on between planning Chase’s first birthday, work etc. During those times when Chase is throwing a mini-tantrum or my husband and I are tag-teaming to get him fed/bathed/sleeping, I think “how the hell are we going to do this with two?!” But then I remember that so many parents have been through this and survived. We might as well just jump on the ride and enjoy these years while they last, because they pass you in the blink of an eye.