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Baby Shower Flashback

A year ago exactly, my husband and I had the pleasure of being showered with so much love from our friends and family.  My best friend, Kayla, and my sister-in-law, Lorraine, planned and executed the most beautiful baby shower. The theme of the shower was children books and the color scheme was mint, pink and gold.


At the time, I was the only one who knew the baby’s gender, as my husband requested not to
know. Yes, it was difficult to keep it from him at times, but I got used to after awhile using “it”, “the baby” or “he/she” as pronouns to describe the tiny human growing inside of me. To prevent any “reading between he lines” from the attendees at the shower, we coordinated our outfits with the gender-neutral color scheme.


From the library card-style invitation, to the DIY centerpieces and the customized Georgetown Cupcakes, every detail was perfection. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and heart-warming day!