Babymoon #2

We originally weren’t planning on going on another babymoon, since that would probably mean a vacation with Chase…and as fun as it is to be as a family, “relaxation” isn’t the first thought when vacationing with this energetic little monster.  Then here come my Mom and Dad with the home run offer: a Chase-free, weekend getaway before Baby #2 comes.  On top of that, my husband’s Harvard roomies were having a mini-reunion and all renting out a house in Miami for the week. The stars aligned and we booked our flight down to FLA for a 48 hour vacation.

Of course the night before Chase woke up at 12, 2 and 4 AM right while we were about to walk out the door. No better time to get some quality z’s for a few nights! We landed around 8Am in Ft. Lauderdale and the first priority was breakfast. My husband found this place, Jet Runway Café, on Yelp. The GPS took us to some industrial looking building with barely any sign of a restaurant.  Located about 15 mins from the airport, it was tucked away in the back of the building, probably mostly patronized by locals instead of tourists. I didn’t grab any good photos of our grub, but trust me when I say it was DELICIOUS. As hubby says, “basic breakfast food done right”. The icing on the cake was actually not cake, but fried bread pudding with bananas (it comes with every meal). Definitely worth the visit if you’re in the area.

Next stop was my choice: mani/pedi. If you’re looking for an A+ spot in Ft. Lauderdale with reasonable price, go to Tiffany Beaty Spa on Las Olas Bvd.  I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a salon. Well yes BUT it’s the decor and the customer service experience that make it so great (no wait at all for any services). The best part was the burly, male massage therapists that give foot massages before each pedicure…even though it got a little awkward for hubby 😉

About a mile down the road we finally found the beach! We caught a few rays, waded in the ocean and people-watched for a bit. Something about being near the water is immediately calming.

We then drove up to Miami to meet everyone at the house. Nestled on the Venetian Islands, this 7-bedroom mansion was a little taste of living the lux-life in MIA. For the rest of the our mini-vacation, we stayed by the pool, waved at the people on yachts and ate like kings and queens. And then back to reality.

For those mamas and papas who have the opportunity to slip away for a vacation before the baby comes, or even to just to get away without the kids for a little adult time, I highly suggest it. It can even be a local excursion for the weekend. It occurred to me that prior to this trip, I had only been detached from Chase for a total of two collective nights since he was born.  I’m definitely not a helicopter mom and I trust anyone in our inner circle with him…but the opportunity never really came up. There are so many benefits of parents getting away together. Especially when vacationing with other friends, you’re less likely to talk about the babies or kids. There is less of “What do you think he/she ate for dinner?” “Do you think he/she slept well last night” conversations and more of “Pass the champagne” and “How’s my tan coming?”. Even though I couldn’t partake in drinking the bubbly, being around friends and good weather made it perfect. If you ask me if I felt one bit guilty of indulging in some child-free activities, I’d laugh. It’s healthy for you, happy for your spouse, and healthy for your baby/kids. Go do it!