The Best Anniversary Gift

I like to be corny and follow the traditional anniversary gift for each designated year. First year is paper, so I got my husband a world map with pins of where we’ve traveled together and I where we plan to go. Second year is cotton, so I got him some clothes…and Cottonelle toilet paper ?. Third year was leather so I got a leather keychain engraved with our wedding date. This year is linen/flowers, so the first thing that came to mind was a hotel bed and luxury sheets. Why? Well like most parents of little ones, uninterrupted sleep is an incredibly rare occurrence.  A typical night usually includes at least 2-3 wake-ups by one or both kids. It has made the waking hours even harder to get through, and at times makes us short with each other. I have to admit that my husband actually gets up more times than I do to take care of the baby, and then he’ll wake up at 6AM with our toddler and off to work. I knew a night off from daddy duties was exactly what he needed. Let’s be real, this was just as much a gift for me as it was for him. Sure we were only 25 mins away, but it was just enough to feel like a vacation. My parents are the real MVPs for holding down the fort with our little monsters.

Every year we return to the same restaurant/hotel where we hosted rehearsal dinner and stayed the night of the wedding, just to have dinner and reminisce about that memorable weekend. This time we actually stayed the night. So we shared a bottle of vino, ate some apple pie in bed while watching American Ninja Warrior and passed out by 11:30… His auto-pilot woke him up at 6:30, but at least there weren’t any diapers to change or bottles to make! We couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary. Shoutout to Julie from the Westin and Vincent from Vinifera for making it extra special 😉

Being parents can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting, and can take a toll on your relationship.  By this, I mean little things like not spending time together as a couple, not talking about things other than the kids, not appreciating each other for little things. So it turns out the best anniversary gift isn’t tangible…it’s experiential. Just spending time together to rest, reset and enjoy each other’s company. Every couple with kids needs to take a couples-timeout whenever possible. Even if it’s watching mindless TV together and ordering take-out. It’ll remind you why you got together in the first place.

I’m curious to know from other couples, what do you do together to reset yourselves?