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Blue Apron FTW

Cooking was once a fun activity for me. I loved taking time to find the best recipe, learning new techniques and flavors, and of course.. making it look pretty so I could photograph and IG it. Fast forward to six months post-partum, back to full-time work, and I’m lucky if I have time to boil water.  It felt like we had regressed to our college years of dining: me having ramen noodles and my husband with a big bowl of cereal.  Then one of my friends recommended Blue Apron. I decided to give it a go and a few weeks later, a large box with the ingredients to three meals arrived on our doorstep, complete with freezer packs to keep it all fresh.  It was so idiot-proof that each ingredient was premeasured, even the 3 tablespoons of flour in a labeled mini-ziplock (in the event that we mistakened it for cocaine?). The recipe was literally 6 photos with directions… like if I had been struggling to read War in Peace and just discovered Sparknotes. Mind. Blown. 30 minutes later, seared pork chops on a bed of spicy chow chow was on the table as if Giada De Laurentiis had prepared it. Thanks Blue Apron for making a working mom look like a culinary hero…you the real MVP.