Motherhood is the most beautiful, challenging, heart-warming, exhausting and wonderful journey. I wouldn't have thought that I would become a mother of three boys in three years, but here I am! As an occupational therapist specializing in perinatal and postpartum health, I've become passionate about helping new moms define and embrace their own motherhood. In these posts, I share all things mama, baby and kiddo-related!

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    Outer Space-Themed Big Kid Room

    A few months ago, our oldest son asked to switch rooms with our youngest,  and also chose to have an outer space-themed big kid room. Our safari-themed nursery had been well used by three our babies, and it has come time to make it into a second big boy room. When Camden was born, the older brothers shared the first big boy room, which was car-themed. Camden, at almost 2 years, was having FOMO sleeping alone and Chase, at almost 5 years, was ready to be alone again. So we did a roommate switch. This DIY transformation took a few months with gradual changes, but it’s finally done! Here is…

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    3 Easy Ways to Expose Your Kids to Diversity

    “What can I do to raise an anti-racist child?” is a thought that has been floating around recently. Although, frankly, it should have been a trending topic much earlier.  America is hurting right now.  The subject of systemic racism, injustice, and advocacy for the black community has rightfully taken the forefront.  An approach that we can all take is to inform ourselves on the issues, educate ourselves on the history, and know what action we can take. For parents, this means raising our kids to be open-hearted, open-minded and culturally-competent human beings. So how do we do this?  By becoming intentional about bringing diversity into their everyday experiences. DISCLAIMER: I…

  • 3-day potty training method

    The 3-day Potty Training Method

    Let’s face it, potty training is one of the dreaded parts of parenting. It takes patience, persistence and commitment for both parents and the child. I knew I wanted to do the quick, but intense, 3-day potty training, since I’m never one to drag things out. Don’t get it twisted, I am not a potty expert by any stretch of the imagination…but when I read and implement a strategy that works, I love to share our experiences that may be of help to other parents. This is our second child to potty-train and soon to do it again in a year with our third son Camden.  I’m sharing what has…

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    Mommy Rage: What it is, Why it happens, What you can do

    “Mommy Rage” sounds like a made up term, and in a way it is, but has become an official label for a very common phenomenon among mothers. As with most topics of maternal mental health, it has often been swept under the rug and not discussed. Well, it’s time to discuss it, because other moms need to be able to label their emotions and find ways to cope with mommy rage. It’s how we grow and become better moms. I was extremely hesitant to post about it, in fear of possible judgement, concern for my well-being or other negative responses. However, that is the very reason why maternal mental health…

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    Traveling with Little Ones

    It has been a long time since I’ve posted on TherapeuticMiles. Life has gotten so busy!! BUT I wanted to put this out here just in time for the holidays and busy travel season for most families. Traveling with kids is no easy feat, and when you have a preschooler, toddler and an infant…it can be overwhelming. I put together a guide of mom hacks and products that have made traveling easier for us as a family of three adults and three little ones. Some applies to general travel/packing, some just if you’re driving to/from your destination. Again, if you want to see my IG videos of everything mentioned above,…

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    3 Breastfeeding Products and Tips

    Breastfeeding can be the most beautiful thing, and the hardest thing for a mom. It is a 24/7 commitment, which requires persistence, dedication and endurance. There is a steep learning curve, and for some, it brings frustration and pain in the initial stage. As a third time breastfeeding mama and postpartum care specialist, I wanted to bring you 3 breastfeeding products and tips to make the journey a little easier for you. BTW, this is not a sponsored post, just products I love! It does contain affiliate links. What to Use Lansinoh Therapearls 3-in-1 breast therapy I will be 100% honest with you. The initial stages of breastfeeding are uncomfortable…scratch…

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    3 Weeks of 3 Boys 3 and Under

    It’s been a little over three weeks since we’ve brought home our little bean, Mr. Camden Roc. We’ve been asked a lot what life is like with three boys three and under so I figured I would give a family update here on the blog. To say it’s been an easy transition would be a lie, but we’re staying afloat and adjusting to our new norm. I first must give a big shout out to our supportive tribe of family and friends, especially our parents who have come in to help us during this transition. My parents are graciously staying with us until July, with my husbands mom coming to…

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    Welcome to the World, Camden!

    Today would have been baby 3’s scheduled c-section date…but he decided to come 9 days early!! I wanted to share our birth story for a few reasons. Apparently it’s C-section Awareness Month (didn’t know that was a thing), so it’s relevant to share what we just went through. Also, our story is proof that most deliveries do not go according to plan and it’s always a good idea to be prepared and flexible. Since I specialize in prenatal and postpartum recovery as an OT, I’m an open book when it comes to sharing my birth experiences. Friday, March 29, 2019 It was a normal day. I let in the construction…

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    Pregnancy Body-Shaming

    We’ve all heard of body-shaming, especially when we’re referring to woman-to-woman criticism.  You know who are particularly vulnerable to off-the-cuff body comments? Pregnant women. You may not even know that you’re doing it, but it happens all of the time. I’ll admit, I’ve accidentally said some embarrassing things to pregnant women in the past as well.  Since this is my third go-around, I’ve become immune to all types of comments about my body and it barely phases me anymore. I usually laugh it off or find some witty retort to make them feel equally as uncomfortable, and I’m sure there are other moms that take it all with a grain…

  • better sleep during pregnancy
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    5 Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

    We’ve all heard people say this when you’re pregnant, “Sleep while you can!” followed by a myriad of personal anecdotes about baby exhaustion, never sleeping again etc.  While sleep during pregnancy is very essential for growing a tiny human and for your own health, it’s often easier said than done. Many women suffer from sleep disturbances in pregnancy, much due to physiological reasons and surging hormones.  Aside from the fluffy info (e.g. don’t look at your phone 30 mins prior bedtime, meditate, go to bed early), I’m breaking down some clinical solutions with 5 tips for better sleep during pregnancy. 1. Get yourself into position- using pillows or maternity pillow…