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Chase’s Wild One birthday party

We had such an incredibly fun birthday celebration for our little man.  Our house was filled to capacity with 50 or so family and friends who have supported us along the way. The grub was partially catered by a Jamaican restaurant in Baltimore, Island Quizine, but my in-laws made the biggest contribution: jerk chicken, oxtail, rice& peas, cabbage and mac&cheese.  My father-in-law seriously makes the best chicken and oxtail I’ve ever had in my life. It was a feast fit for kings and queens and everyone left with their bellies full.

The cakesmash was initially anti-climatic…but he eventually enjoyed shoveling it into his mouth. I had made a giant funfetti cupcake knowing that I would probably the one ending up eating it.

There were many DIY projects that went into this party, where I got the time for it all I haven’t the fuzziest. I do have to give massive props to my cousins for helping to set everything up the day before. They know how big of a nut I am for all of this. But I’ll share the outcome:

Our foyer had a little welcome table with some “wild thing” decor, along with his 12 month photo display. I swear he changed every month and didn’t actually start looking like he does now until about 6 months. (P.S. yup I did indeed forget to print out his 4 month photo, so we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen). I threw in a bunch of wood-y looking stuff like a ball of twigs and moss stones. I made this Facts Poster about the little cub and had it printed out to hang. It’ll make a good addition to his current room too.

For our playroom/living room, we knew that lots of babies and little ones were going to join us, so we kept it as is and added a balloon display.

The dessert table was one of my favorite things: custom catered by Georgetown Cupcake, the variety of treats were enough to please just about everyone.

We utilized our chalkboard wall for Chase’s cakesmash place. And what’s a party for a king of all wild things without a few crowns for the other royal subjects?

I found these tribal tattoos for like five bucks at the store and figured it would make a fun activity for the kids…which ended up being mostly adults instead. My husband and I ended up with face tats.

As a parting gift for our guests, I set up a DIY trail mix station for the adults and bubbles for the little beasts.

Party was a complete success! We are so blessed to be surrounded and supported by so many incredible people. They say it takes a village and we definitely have an incredible one built around us.