Chasing Chase: A Poem

In celebration of my first born’s 2nd birthday last week, I wrote a little poem for him that I will show him when he’s older. I posted it last week on my social media, but figured it would be nice to add it as a blog post as well.

Two years ago today
is when you came into this world,
Only mama knew that you’d be a boy and not a girl.
We decided to call you Chase, 
it was a short and sweet name,
We found out very quickly
that it would be your favorite game.
We chase you around the house,
before you run straight out the door,
We chase you down the aisles
of every restaurant, church and store.
We chase you down the street
when you want to pet the neighbor’s dog,
We chase you in the park when you decide to take a jog.
We chase you nearly everywhere,
like a horse that’s hard to tame,
I wonder what would have happened
if we chose a different name…
These past two years of “exercise”
have well been worth the run,
We’ve loved following your every step
when all is said and done.
You’re an insatiably curious boy,
who has a giant heart within,
Your gap-tooth smile is so contagious
that even grumpy people grin.
There is one thing that we hope you chase,
in your strong and focused fashion,
We hope you chase your dreams
and that you find your lifelong passion.
Happy birthday little cub,
We love you beyond compare.
We’re so glad that God chose us
as your Mama and Papa Bear 


His second birthday not only marks two years of his life, but a two year anniversary of the day we became parents. Life has not been the same since that day…it has been better. The life of a parent is filled with love, joy, frustration, challenge, laughter, and love. SO SO SO much love. We survived two years as mommy and daddy, and we couldn’t be more proud of the little boy who made it all possible.