Diaper Bag Review

A mom always needs to be equipped with 101 things to keep their little one entertained, fed and with dry/clean clothes. I’ve definitely been guilty of being without one, two or all three of those main necessities a few times…oops. A functional diaper bag is essential to lug around everything for every type of situation possible.  I remember looking at moms (before I was one) who were carrying around what looked like a suitcase as their daily diaper bag, and telling myself “I don’t get it, you don’t need to bring your entire house with you, right?”. Well when Chase was a newborn, I learned the hard way that it benefits everyone to have anything you could possibly need with you. Poop happened…a lot. We’d go through so many changes of clothes in one morning out running errands.  After I stopped breastfeeding, if I was out with him for more than 3 hours I needed multiple bottles of milk to keep him well fed before he’d unleash his hungry fury.

With recent diaper bag trends going from basic to fabulous, you never have to sacrifice fashion for practicality these days! I did a review on my two bags that have made my job as a mama much much easier when we’re out and about.

Diaper Bag #1: Adaira by Kate Spade

While I was pregnant with Chase, I started looking at diaper bag options. I’ve always been a fan of diaper bags that don’t really scream “diaper bag”. I wanted to match style with practicality, knowing that this will be double as my handbag for the next year, at least.  My awesome brother-in-law and sister-in-law bought this Kate Spade diaper bag for me that I had scoped out. This specific style came from a collection a few years ago, so it is no longer available in stores or online. However, I found similar ones on Tradesy in cream, pink and orange.

I’m a sucker for black and white patterns…and with the pink accent, I was instantly drawn to the style. There are both small shoulder straps and a larger strap if you’d like to wear it like a cross-body/messenger. There is SO much room to fit diapers, bottles, changes of clothes, wipes etc. There are a few smaller pockets for easy access to essentials like phone, keys, pacifier and sippy cup. It fits nicely on the back of a stroller right within reach while you are pushing your little love bug! I’ll definitely be using this again for when baby #2 comes along.

Diaper Bag 2: Chelsea Downtown Chic by Skip Hop

Once Chase was about 10 months old, he had mastered walking and was off running whenever he got the chance!! I needed to switch from the shoulder bag to a backpack diaper bag to have both of my hands free to carry him or go chase after him without losing everything. I fell in love with this Chelsea Downtown Chic by Skip Hop that I bought from Nordstrom.  The black faux-leather trim with gold accents make it look very classy, but works great for casual settings too.  The side pockets are perfect for one of Chase’s travel cups and even fits my large water bottle when we’re on the go. The front pocket I usually use for Mommy-stuff like my wallet, phone and other necessities that I would typically keep in my own purse. The main compartment is incredibly roomy. It comes with a diaper changing pad, and has two pockets designated for diapers and/or wipes right where you need them. You can fit a few changes of clothes, and even another change of clothes for mommy, believe it or not! It also has stroller straps to clip onto virtually any stroller handlebar for easy accessibility, without having to go digging under the seat canopy. This gets a huge two thumbs up and I recommend it for any toddler moms!

There you have it! My diaper bag reviews in a nutshell. If you have a certain diaper bag that you absolutely cannot live without, comment and share the good news!