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Family/Maternity Photoshoot for Baby #3

Since we had a maternity photoshoot for my first two sons, there’s no doubt that #3 would receive the same treatment.   In between the snow and cold, we ended up with one sunny Saturday that made it perfect for our family photoshoot. We headed down to our neighborhood park, a place we frequently visit at least once a week. Thanks to PinkBlush Maternity for sponsoring this post and sending this absolutely stunning gown for me to wear. I’ve always been partial to light pink styles, no matter how many boys I have 😉 I’ll include more details about the dress and links down below. All photos taken by Derek from Calderon Photography.

family maternity photoshoot Maryland Washington, DC

Being pregnant isn’t always glamorous. For me and probably most women, it gets most uncomfortable in the third trimester. You’re gaining weight like crazy in all areas of your body, you feel sluggish, swollen and exhausted. However, I’ve also embrace this as a time when I feel closest and most connected to my little one. I can feel him kicking, doing summersaults, hiccuping and stretching. He is sitting right below my heart (despite the occasional rib jab). Maternity photoshoots definitely bring out that inner Queen-Bee to capture the last weeks of carrying this tiny prince. I’m glad so glad that the tented maternity dress from our parent’s generation has gone out of style and that society is now celebrating the beauty of pregnancy instead of concealing it. Yes for body-con dresses and rocking that watermelon!

Carter: My youngest little heartthrob

Carter gets a special place in my heart as my second-born. As a baby he didn’t get as much individualized time as Chase did, mostly because my efforts were split between cuddling him and chasing after his 20month old big brother. Then I got pregnant with this baby while Carter was only 10 months old. I try to cherish every moment I have with my soon-to-be middle son, who is always such a happy-go-lucky little guy.

Chase: My first main (little) squeeze

Chase is my wild one and always will be my biggest baby. I can’t believe he’s days shy of turning 3 already! He’s still learning to be gentle with his little brother, but there’s a lot of love that he has to give and really enjoys having a permanent playmate. Despite the occasional toddler tantrum, he is usually laughing up a storm with that shark-teeth smile of his.

He knows that baby brother is in Mommy’s belly, and actually “predicted” that it would be a boy before we actually found out at 10 weeks along.  We can’t wait to see his reaction when he sees Mommy bring home yet another squishy human for him to love/terrorize.

maternity dress family photoshoot Maryland Washington, DC

About the dress:

As mentioned before, this beautiful gown was so graciously given to me by Pink Blush Maternity. They have become well-known for their maternity wear (formal dresses, casual dresses, tops and bottoms), and have expanded their versatile line for the postpartum/nursing mama or everyday woman as well. I also appreciate that they accommodate all body types, keeping in mind that maternity sizes don’t just include the XS-L-sized woman.

This particular dress is from their photoshoot gowns collection. I love the fitted and flattering style, the off-the shoulder detail with plunging V-neckline and mermaid silhouette with a subtle train. It’s perfect for baby showers and formal events as well. I tend to stick with solids, but the pink florals were hard to resist! Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this after the baby is born too…

I’m so glad we got a chance to capture these moments of our expanding family in a park just down the road from our home. We visit this park every week for family hikes and I can see in the coming years our boys coming here to play basketball, baseball, soccer or tennis. And now, it holds special memories of our final weeks as our family of four.



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