Gender Reveal for Baby #3

Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal…


Oh boy x 3…you read this right! So if you calculate it to include the dogs, the ratio of males to females in our household…it will be 6:1. I am the sole carrier of estrogen…still. We are blessed to carry on the male dynasty. I’m officially like that mom from Bridesmaids.

Let me be candid for a minute.I was definitely disappointed at first when I found out it was another boy. I was 10 weeks in, got the call while I was at work, and it just caught me so off-guard. Of course I dreamt of cute bows and tutus and a mini-me that I could go shopping with and get nails done…BUT my girl-mom friends gave me some hilarious perspective:

1. I’ve got all the clothes (seriously if you were to look at my boy clothes inventory upstairs right now you’d think I have 5 boys). One friend suggested that whatever $$ I would have spent on girl clothes I should just use for my own postpartum wardrobe. Genius. Mama’s gotta feel fabulous too.
2. Don’t have to worry about menstrual cycles aligning in the household. This is a legit statement. Have you seen the episode of Modern Family when this happens to the Dunphys?
3. Only having to pay for rehearsal dinners instead of the wedding. Ok this one is funny, but pretty old school since these conventional rules don’t always apply anymore. BUT I won’t say it’s not a plus.
4. I’ll have a bunch of Mama’s boys. Well, so far I’m losing to Dada for being MVP (most valuable parent) in their book, but I’ve been told that things can change.  They see Daddy as their ultimate playmate right now, and I’m the kisser of booboos, provider of snacks, chauffeur to/from school, and the enforcer of rules (because no, you cannot bring Benny the Bull to school).
5. I’m off the hook for the “Birds and the Bees” talk. I can see it being more practical for my husband to explain this to our boys…but I can also see him going really deep into the physiology of reproduction, so I’ll standby as co-pilot as needed to reign it back in.

Please feel free to offer any other positive insights into having a male-dominated household!!

My husband is ecstatic. He couldn’t be happier to have three little guys following in his footsteps. If they’re half as amazing as their father, I know they’ll be great men.

In the end, we feel blessed just have a healthy baby. We are so happy to be adding to our brood, no matter the gender. I’m honored to be able to carry three little princes and raise three kings. No doubt that they will all be feminists, God-fearing and respectful young men if we have anything to do with it. Thanks for all your love and support!!

As always, here are some of the outtakes to our gender reveal teaser: