Gift Guide: Ideas for the Expecting and New Mom

4 Days Until Christmas!!! Still not sure what to get gift to get your pregnant friend or family member? Scrambling to find that perfect gift for a new mom? I received a few inquiries for what to get moms in both of these scenarios, which sparked the idea for this post.  A lot of these were from the top of my head of things I really appreciated either during my pregnancies or immediately postpartum. Let me first preface that I only included postpartum gifts for MOM not baby. I’m a huge advocate for thinking of the mom first, as her needs and desires often fall secondary to baby after delivery. Don’t forget she needs some TLC too! I also included Amazon products since they’ll still be able to arrive before Christmas if you order online within the next day or two. This is not a comprehensive list, but enough to get you started!

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For the expectant/pregnant mom

During every stage of pregnancy, their bodies are going through drastic changes, whether you can see it or not. Hormonal changes can create a lot of discomfort, nausea, aches and pains, and swelling. In addition, they’ll be needing a temporary wardrobe to accommodate their changing body. Here are some ideas to help with all areas of pregnancy:

Managing Aches and Pains

Heating pad, back support and belly band. Back pain is one of the main symptoms throughout pregnancy that plague an expectant mother. Especially if she is sitting at a desk for work most of the day, giving adequate support for her spine is very necessary. When her belly is rapidly expanding and gravity is pulling it downwards, back strain and round ligament pain is common. A belly band can help alleviate this strain. When I was on my feet all day in the hospital, wearing a belly band was like a little cradle for my bump.


Maternity pillows can be a godsend for an expectant mom. By the second trimester, she may find it uncomfortable to sleep on her back and need to start side-sleeping. A maternity gives just the right amount support at her upper and lower body. Some even come with back support as well. I’ve had this one since my first pregnancy and have loved it ever since!


Maternity Clothes

One of the hardest things about being pregnant is not only finding clothes that fit and flatter the bump. Maternity clothing is usually overpriced, especially since it is a temporary wardrobe. I’ve always rebelled against spending money for maternity-specific clothing and try to find regular clothing that can still be worn postpartum. HOWEVER, there are some staples that I found really worth spending the $$ on, including maternity leggings and a belly band that can hold a regular pair of jeans together. Here are my favorites:

Compression stockings are helpful and sometimes necessary, especially during later part of pregnancy when lower leg edema can be common.  They don’t have to be old lady or hospital grade! A lot of athletes wear them the sportier, more stylish kind that she might appreciate:

Some stores that offer maternity clothing that won’t break the bank:



Old navy



Spa basket

OMG yes. As I said before, pregnancy is really uncomfortable. Gifting an expectant mom with some pampering essentials will really make her smile.

Face masks- Her skin will be ever-changing during pregnancy and sometimes have the tendency to break out or become irritated. An at-home face mask that reduces inflammation and soothes the skin is perfect to give her face the cleansing care it needs. Be sure to check for natural products that avoid using harsh chemicals that could be off-limits during pregnancy. Whole foods is one of my favorite places to find decently priced spa-products with organic and natural ingredients!

Eye masks and earplugs- She needs some good shut-eye. She’ll probably use it afterwards too once baby comes!

Cozy socks- especially if pregnant during winter months, she’ll love a comfortable pair of fuzzy socks or slippers. She could probably use a pair for the hospital after baby is born.

GIFT CARD TO A SPA!!! Check to see if there is a certified pre-natal massage therapist near where she lives or at the spa that she enjoys going to. A day of pampering is like a gift of gold for an expectant mom!

Lavender- The sense of smell is typically heightened during pregnancy, so having this naturally calming aroma to take in can have its benefits. Whether in the form of a candle, oil, lotion or pillow, she’ll be sure to love it.  I use my lavender scrub in the shower every day and makes me feel like I just left the spa!



I think I can confidently say that most women, not even pregnant ones, will gladly accept some sweet treats if offered. Depending on her palette, preferences, cravings or aversions, you are sure to find a way to her heart with something edible. If she’s having issues with nausea or vomiting, ginger candy or tea may be a helpful gift.


Miscellaneous gift ideas:

Book:  What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Custom Christmas ornament for an expectant mom
– Usually these can be found at the mall with names/dates printed or engraved. We got one for when I was pregnant with Chase during Christmas and pregnant this year too!


For the New or Postpartum Mom

Remember that we are focusing on mommy with these gift ideas, not baby. Of course we could think of a laundry list of ideas for new baby, but it’s often Mama who gets forgotten!


Comfortable lounge clothes

She will most likely be living in pajamas, sweats and yoga pants after the baby is born. Any cute, but cozy clothing will most likely be a hit. Robes are great for nursing also.

Want to step it up a notch? High-waisted, compression yoga pants are great. It’ll take awhile for her abdominal muscles to regain strength, especially if she’s had a c-section and this gentle compression can give her much needed support. In addition, the compression increases circulation to the recovering areas to aid with healing and also lead blood away from the feet to minimize swelling. Compression leggings are less about vanity of a flat tummy and more about support and function…however I’m sure she’ll appreciate the appearance perks of concealing the new lumps and bumps.

Nursing-friendly clothes, wraps and covers

Just like maternity clothes for pregnancy, postpartum clothing is usually hard to find and can get expensive. If mama is breastfeeding, she’ll need easy-access to the boob for baby. You may want to leave the nursing bra for her to pick out herself, but nursing tops and covers are always a good gift. I love wearing tanks that unfasten easily at the shoulder, and come with built-in pads for comfort so no bra is needed. I then usually throw over a sweater, zip-up or poncho and boom…i’m dressed. There are cute nursing blankets and covers that can be worn as regular clothing, but make it easier for her to nurse on-demand.

A double-insulated water bottle/mug

Hydration is key to recovery, and all new moms are probably not getting enough of it because of their new and busy schedule taking care of baby. Especially if she is breastfeeding, she will need to be drinking more liquids in order to output more milk. She also may be drinking a lot of coffee to combat the sleep deprivation of having a newborn. Getting a cute tumbler that keeps liquids cold or hot for extended time is super helpful, and double insulated tumblers are rising in popularity.. I don’t know how many times I re-heated my coffee or had a puddle of water around glass from not drinking it right away.  Avoid buying plastic tumblers, as some are made with chemicals that can leak into the liquids. Stainless steel and glass options are safest!

Spa basket
All of the ideas for the spa basket listed above can certainly apply here.  However, consider the stay-at-home options if she’s not able to get out to a spa/salon. There are some nail-technicians and massage therapists that make home visits, which is an added bonus! A neck massager or foot spa can also be a nice home-spa experience.


Food delivery service
Most new moms don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen making meals or even have the energy to make a sandwich. I’ve been there. With food delivery services like GrubHub, UberEats or Doordash, she can have the restaurant food at her door. Gifting a meal or gift card for this service can be soooo appreciated when the last thing she thinks about is cooking. 


Book Ideas: the Fourth Trimester


It’s probably common knowledge, but gift cards are always a good way to go if you’re really not sure what to get.  Most stores these days will allow gift cards to be used online, which is probably her preferred method of shopping with a growing bump or newborn baby. Target and Amazon are always a safe bet 😉

And that’s it!! Hope this guide helps with any last minute gifts for that mama you love to make her feel extra special. Do you have any recommendations for favorite gifts you have received or given? Comment below! I love hearing from you!


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