We Have Something To Tell You…

Yup, here we go again!!!  We wanted to wait until after Carter’s 1st bday last week to announce that Baby #3 is on his/her way in April 2019!! When we broke the news to close friends and family has prompted many questions, and some unsolicited, but well meaning advice. Here are some answers to a few FAQ’s:

(BTW my husband edited this post to include his own voice since he said “I made this baby too”…so enjoy reading)

“Was this baby planned?”
Of course, by a Higher power! In that Calvinist sense, every baby is planned, as is everything else in our lives. As Christians, we believe God has His hand in every facet of our life and we’re thrilled that He chose to give us another precious life to raise. Was it a surprise? Yes (kinda)! I’ll be completely honest… I went through so many stages of emotions the first few weeks.  However, we’ve come to see this as a huge blessing and a faster than expected fulfillment of our goal of one day having a big family.

“Are you going to have a 4th?”
It’s funny that people like to jump the gun. When you’re in a long-term relationship it’s, “when are you getting hitched?” When you get married it’s, “Are you trying to have a baby yet?” Even after the second it’s “Will there be a third?”. Well that answers that last question! Like I said, we always wanted a big family. As for the 4th, let’s see how we manage with 3 first…

“Are you going stop working now”/”You should probably spend more time at home now”
Although the latter statement may be true, let me say this in the best way I can…A driven, career-oriented woman can still be a good mother to her kids. Career success and good parenting are not mutually exclusive. Yes there will be some trade-offs or compromises as I continue to try to excel in both areas. Some women make a choice of one or the other and that is OK. But let’s not impose these standards or our own unsolicited opinion about what a “good mother” should do. ALSO…has anyone asked my husband these questions? Just saying…

“Will you find out the gender?”
Already done…stay tuned!

“Your hands will be full!”
Yes they will! And so will our hearts. We know it will be quite the challenge to be outnumbered by nearly 3 kids under 3, but my husband and I have adopted a “can-do” attitude about child rearing (especially in this high maintenance phase) so that we don’t fall apart and stay positive during the trials and travails. “What’s one more?” “Economies of scale, amirite?”  I must say, I couldn’t have chosen a better partner with whom to go through this chaotic parenting rollercoaster!! Prayers and babysitters are always welcome 🙂

Thanks for joining us on our fun little journey! As always, I’ll try to keep it real, candid and uncensored.

BTW…if you think this announcement photo was a breeze…here’s a behind the scenes of real life mom blogging: