Mom Squad

All of these ladies are amazing on their own, but with their babies, they are superwomen. #momsquad

A few years ago, at the age of 26, I was the first to get married out of all of my close friends, both near and far. And now I’m the first to have a baby. No matter how much googling I do, books I read, or blogs I scour, nothing beats having a personal connection with someone who is sharing the same motherhood experiences.  I am so fortunate to have established friendships young women who are all amazing moms…some first-timers and some veterans to the game. Some are family friends, some are wives of my husband’s friends, some we met just by being pregnant around the same time! Not only is it amazing to have other mommies with whom I can trade stories, happy moments and concerns, but also candidly commiserate. Who else can listen to you ramble on about your nipples being sore or getting baby poop on your favorite shirt and say “Oh I totally feel you, girlfriend”. It’s not easy being a mom, and not easy keeping it all together… all of the time. It can be ugly, messy, frustrating and downright a disaster at times. But with each other, we become stronger mothers. And best of all, we remind each other of what amazing women we are at our core, before we even took the title as “mom”. Building a supportive network like this meant more than just a mom squad, but an incredible connection of friends for life.