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Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

We took our first family vacation down to Myrtle Beach, SC.  We stayed at one of the resorts that could accommodate all 6 of us, including the little cub. Although we only spent 5 full days down there (not including the 7 hour drive to and from the DC area) we packed as many activities in as possible. I captured some of our own experiences in case you ever take a trip there and need some recommendations. Here are some of the highlights:

Mother’s Day brunch at Chestnut Hill 

My dad made reservations at this restaurant for brunch to celebrated Mother’s Day.  It’s widely known in the area for their all-you-can-eat buffet brunch that serves mostly American cuisine with some southern flair. Seated right on the water you have a nice view of some sun-bathing turtles and a few crocodiles skimming the water. Great place to stop for some morning grub on a Sunday, but make sure to make a reservation, as the line was out the door!

Mommy Massage at Majestic Massage and Day Spa

For Mother’s Day, all I really wanted was a morning to sleep in, and a nice massage. This place is pretty central to Myrtle Beach, and less than a mile away from Ocean Blvd. Although it looks like a little shabby house on the exterior, in interior is very well designed with cedar ceilings, indoor waterfall and the perfect zen ambiance.  I love that they had meditation music and soundscapes playing simultaneously (We found it funny that have the same sound machine that we use for Chase at night!) We were the only two clients in the place at the time, which was great too. My massage therapist, Brittany, was very knowledgeable about prenatal massage techniques and safety, of which I was very appreciative. On top of all that, the price was unbeatable compared to what I pay for a spa experience up here in DC.


Lazy River and Walk-in Pool at Holiday Inn South Beach Resort

At our resort, they had a few pools to choose from. The lazy river was our favorite, since you could just grab a tube and float around without any effort at all. The Walk-in pool was ideal for little kiddies like Chase to gradual be introduced to the water. At first he was not a fan of either, but after awhile he realized it wasn’t so bad and ended up having a ball.


Mini-golf at Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf

It’s almost impossible to visit Myrtle Beach without playing a round of put-put, there is practically a course on every other block. This one was less than a mile from our resort and looked fun enough for a toddler too. They gave Chase a kiddie club, but he much preferred the adult ones. This kid knows what’s up.

An afternoon at Savannah’s Playground

I’ve already dedicated an entire post to this incredible adaptive playground in Market Common of Myrtle Beach. It’s the largest of it’s kind on the East Coast. Check out more on my previous post


A day at the real golf course at Whispering Pines Golf Course

My dad, husband and I went out one morning for a round of golf. I opted for the 9 holes while they played out the full 18. As an extremely amateur golfer, this course was pretty doable. The shortest hole was about 120 yards and longest 500 yards. Of course I brought my lucky pink driver. It’s interesting that women still get treated slightly differently when they go out on the course. They were very subtle differences, but noticeable enough for me: the assumption that my husband would be driving the golf cart instead of me driving my own (which I did just fine), the curious glances that older players gave me when walking into the club house.  One day I hope to find gender equality in yet another male-dominated activity. The weather was absolutely perfect, without much humidity. I can totally see why this is golf-central, USA.

Exploring at the Warbird Memorial Park

On the way back from the Savannah’s Playground in Market Common we saw these large aircrafts parked on the side of the road. Chase is currently obsessed with all types of transportation (trains, planes and automobiles) so naturally we had to stop to show him. This park is a memorial for fallen Airforce Military and a home for old fighter aircrafts. Currently, they have an A-7, A-10 and F-100 displayed.


Well of course I saved the best for last: the beach. This is the main reason we came right?! There’s not much to say, since the photos speak for themselves. Every day was a beautiful day for the beach…mid 80’s, never too humid,and always a nice breeze. The water was on the colder side, but once your body acclimates, it’s pretty enjoyable. Chase hated the ocean when i first introduced him to it about 6 months ago. This time he slowly warmed up to it and eventually was brave enough to sit and let the water rush up on his little legs.

Overall, this was a great family vacation. We got to do a little bit of everything. With my parents and brother taking care of Chase a few times, my husband and I were actually able to steal away for a round of tennis too! I can see us coming back for another vacation in the future for sure.