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One Year of Therapeutic Miles

It’s been exactly one year since launching this blog, Therapeutic Miles!!!! What started as a small canvas to chronicle my “miles” as a wife, mom and OT, has evolved into this limitless space for sharing the words of others as well. It’s become a cathartic release, a big hug, a much-needed chuckle. It’s been a big year for our family. A week after launching, I found out I was pregnant again and by October that baby boy was here. This blog has been so therapeutic for me throughout this big transition. Here are some other things I’ve learned this past year as a blogger:

  1. I’ve found my voice as a creative writer, which has very little filter from my raw thoughts. Some people have told me I’m a good story-teller, so I’ve tried to channel that into my posts. I like to find the punchline or silver lining in some of the most difficult moments.
  2. I’ve mastered the basics of website-development! Little known fact: I was a computer consultant as a side-job throughout college. However, the coding world was completely foreign to me. It’s been fun to explore and develop a new set of skills.
  3. I’ve learned to be vulnerable to criticism, accepting both praise and pushback as valuable feedback.
  4. I’ve discovered what an amazing blogging community there is for moms… a place to unify as women and to share triumphs, challenges and beautiful stories.

Thank you to my amazing husband, for encouraging me to nurture this passion for blogging. Despite us both working full-time, and now having two little ones, you still always give me alone time to write.  You’ve been my #1 fan and sounding board. You’ve also been so invaluable as my second photographer and chief editor! (He hides a line of his own in nearly every post).

Thank you to my two little cubs for being the subject of 90% of my photos and inspiring so many of my posts. Without them, this blog would lack a lot of content and entertainment, am I right?

Most importantly, thank YOU, my followers and my avid readers, for showing so much love and support for my little e-baby and joining me on this creative journey. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, share your own anecdotes and passing along my blog to your friends as well. It’s the biggest compliment to hear “I went through the same thing, I’m so glad you shared this out loud”, or knowing that my posts have helped you in any way. You encourage me to continue writing, photographing, and sharing these unique, weird and candid moments of our life. I hope I can continue to deliver fun, relatable content that make you laugh and smile. You guys are the absolute best!!! I promise to always stay honest, genuine, and REAL.  As always, don’t forget to count your blessings, and count your miles!

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