• As a Mommy

    Women Uplifting Women: A Mother’s Day Celebration

    Mother’s Day is only 2 weeks away.  On Mother’s Day we celebrate the superwomen who have the hardest but most gratifying jobs: being a mom.  The festivities can range from a simple card and flowers, to a full day of pampering and spoiling the queen of the household. I started thinking about the mothers who have the same demanding responsibilities of caring for children, but don’t receive the same recognition on this day, especially those who are victims of domestic abuse and homelessness. House of Ruth is a non-profit organization that provides safe shelter, transition programs and resources/essentials to women and children who face these hardships. I decided to partner…

  • As an OT

    What exactly is Occupational Therapy?

    April is Occupational Therapy month!! What better way to celebrate my profession than to share a little bit about what we OT’s really do? I got into occupational therapy because I knew I wanted to be in the healthcare field and really help people live their BEST lives. I’ve been an OT practitioner for 7 years and still love what I do. I’ve answered some of the major questions we get on the daily basis and debunk any myths or mysteries about occupational therapy. Sooo “occupational”…that means you help people find jobs? Not exactly…the term, occupation, is not referring to careers, but rather the daily activities that a person performs.…

  • As a Mommy

    Product Review: BJingles Nightlight

    Familiar scene that a lot of moms of infants can attest to: It’s the middle of the night, usually smackdab in the middle of REM sleep, like 3:47AM. The baby is up and screaming for something: more milk, the pacifier fell out, wet diaper, just because, etc. So you go into this pitch black room, stumble your way through the room, maybe step on a squeaky toy or bump into other furniture, as you silently curse them out. You get your baby, and now you’re trying to either find the pacifier they spit out onto the ground, fill a bottle, change a diaper, all while still in the dark, because…

  • As a Mommy

    Table for 4- Dining Out with Little Ones

    Like many couples, my husband and I enjoy dining out every now and then. When Chase was born, I think our first outing as a family of 3 was around 6 weeks old. He was still in that larvae phase, when he would sleep through everything as long as he was fed. So we would tank him up with some milk, put him in his infant carrier and head out to the restaurant for a few hours. Once he started walking, things got a little harder, since he wanted to explore everywhere, but he was still manageable. Then around 18 months, mealtime became nearly impossible. Sure it was possible to go…

  • As a Mommy

    Chasing Chase: A Poem

    In celebration of my first born’s 2nd birthday last week, I wrote a little poem for him that I will show him when he’s older. I posted it last week on my social media, but figured it would be nice to add it as a blog post as well. Two years ago today is when you came into this world, Only mama knew that you’d be a boy and not a girl. We decided to call you Chase,  it was a short and sweet name, We found out very quickly that it would be your favorite game. We chase you around the house, before you run straight out the door,…

  • As a Mommy

    S#!+ I Said Before I Was a Mom

    “When I’m a mom, I’ll never ____”. “My kids will always ____”.  Most moms have said something along the lines of these statements before we actually entered motherhood. I’ve had conversations with fellow moms, especially ones with toddlers and older, and I found this was true among many: our mom dreams vs. mom realities. What I mean by this is we all had an idealistic picture of how we planned on “mom-ing”, whether it’s setting standards for screen time, all-organic everything, never losing patience, etc. And then at some point along the mom-journey one, few or many of these went out the window because we realized it just wasn’t realistic…

  • As A Creative,  As a Mommy,  As a Mrs.,  As an OT

    One Year of Therapeutic Miles

    It’s been exactly one year since launching this blog, Therapeutic Miles!!!! What started as a small canvas to chronicle my “miles” as a wife, mom and OT, has evolved into this limitless space for sharing the words of others as well. It’s become a cathartic release, a big hug, a much-needed chuckle. It’s been a big year for our family. A week after launching, I found out I was pregnant again and by October that baby boy was here. This blog has been so therapeutic for me throughout this big transition. Here are some other things I’ve learned this past year as a blogger: I’ve found my voice as a…

  • As a Mommy

    Family/Newborn Photoshoot

    Back in October when Carter was a week old, Michelle from M Harris Studios came to our home to do a family and newborn shoot. We love that she has done both maternity and newborn shoots for our boys and has become very familiar with our growing family. As always, she creatively captured the essence of our family in such a beautiful way. Even though she got these to us months ago, I’ve finally got around to post them!

  • As A Creative

    Where Is Your Donated Hair REALLY Going?

    I have to admit, I’m blessed to have hair that grows at an alarming rate. Because of this, I have chopped off my ponytail and donated to charity THREE times in my life.   Twice I donated to Locks of Love (which I regret) and once to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Locks of Love has become a household name for hair donation, with most donors wanting to “help make a wig for kids with cancer”. WELL I did a little research and was completely shocked about what I found.  There have been ongoing investigations into potential fraud related to Locks of Love. Locks of Love hair donation recipients are usually those with…

  • As a Mommy,  As a Mrs.

    Finding Balance in 2018

    Some people find New Year’s resolutions to be stupid. Some think they’re a great way to start anew in some way. Personally, I side with the latter. I love the annual tradition of reflecting on the past year and finding opportunities to try something new, change old habits and set personal goals. Even if they fall through by February, at least it was an attempt at self-improvement, which I don’t see as a failure at all. It’s the philosophy of “Internal Locus of Control”, which emphasizes one’s own influence on one’s outcomes and experiences. Anyway, as I was reflecting over the past year, I thought about our transition from a…