Product Review: BJingles Nightlight

Familiar scene that a lot of moms of infants can attest to: It’s the middle of the night, usually smackdab in the middle of REM sleep, like 3:47AM. The baby is up and screaming for something: more milk, the pacifier fell out, wet diaper, just because, etc. So you go into this pitch black room, stumble your way through the room, maybe step on a squeaky toy or bump into other furniture, as you silently curse them out. You get your baby, and now you’re trying to either find the pacifier they spit out onto the ground, fill a bottle, change a diaper, all while still in the dark, because God forbid you turn a light on and wake up the baby even more. Been there, done that, almost every night.

Well I decided to find a new nightlight that could alleviate all of this unnecessary nighttime hardship. I didn’t want something that stayed on all night, but just for the time I needed it, and something that was dimmable. It would be a bonus if it played music or white noise.

It’s almost as if the baby tech company, BJingles, heard my silent struggle during one of these nights, because they sent me their product that had all of the things on this wishlist. The BJingles nightlight is operated with a light touch on top, is bluetooth compatible with your phone, AND has dimmable/color features. With each tap, it filters through 3 regular nightlight dim levels, and then 7 calm colors. If you hold the tap for 3 seconds, it flows into a gentle sequence of all 7 colors, which is quite hypnotizing…for both baby and mama.

There is an app that you can download (BJingles), which has pre-made classical baby music and white noise. If you set it on loop you can play through the entire playlist or repeat just one song.AND since it’s bluetooth-operated, you can start/stop it from the controls of your phone. How awesome is that? AND as long as you occasionally charge the device’s battery, you can place it pretty much anywhere in the room instead of needing to have it connected to an outlet.

The only two features I don’t use: the alarm clock (because who really needs a baby to wake up before they’re ready or you’re ready), and putting on the color show while the songs are playing (the color changes sync to the beat of the song, but ends up feeling like strobe-light rave…not a party we’re trying to have at bedtime).

Overall I’m very happy with the product and will look into more of their products. If you’re interested in purchasing it, use this discount code: 15NTLIGHT for 15% off!

Sold on Amazon!    Happy sleeping!