Q&A for two

Two years ago I got this book called “Our Q&A a day” which is a 3-year journal for you and your other half. Each day there is a question to answer, sometimes about yourself, about each other, your relationship or very random topics. Each night while getting ready for bed, we take time to answer the question of the day. There are some that can be so simple as “what was your favorite meal today” or more substantial such as “What reminded you today that your partner is the love of your life?”.  Whatever the topic, it always stimulates some type of discussion…but mostly laughter from our stupid answers.  Most of our responses are inside jokes or completely inappropriate for public consumption. Sometimes we would think that we’re giving a really original response to a question, but come to find out we had said the exact same thing the year before. So much for being unpredictable!
From 2015 until today we’ve gone through pregnancy to having a nearly 1 year old child. Seeing the differences in our answers to the same question a year and two years prior really shows us where we were, what our priorities were, and how much we’ve grown as individuals and as a couple. I encourage all of my friends to get this little book because after a busy day with or without kids, sometimes all you want to do is sleep. But having this small, quick and daily commitment to each other can really bring you together as a couple. And have fun with it!