Raised Real- Baby food solutions

I bet I’m not the only mom that struggles to get their kids to eat vegetables.  Yes, my little ones are only 8 months and 2 years, but I was told the earlier you start introducing new and unique foods, the easier it will be to work it into their regular diet. I was a very picky eater as a child, so I hoped that we could start early with our boys to develop a diverse palate. Well, karma is something because I now have a toddler that won’t eat much more than chicken, spaghetti, rice&beans and PBJ. When Chase first started on solids at 4 months old, I was really eager to make his food by scratch, especially because I also try to be conscious of their food sources, opting for organic varieties whenever possible.  There I was as a first time mom, buying all the fresh produce that the “organic baby recipe” book called for. I was steaming, mashing and blending all of these ingredients in expectation that this baby would see all of my efforts and delightfully accept the gourmet baby food I had just made him. Yeaaaa talk about crushed dreams and wasted ingredients. Chase had other ideas in mind and they didn’t involve vegetables. Present day, Chase usually only will readily accept corn and peas.

Our littlest one, Carter, started solids two months ago when he was around 6 months old. For awhile he wouldn’t even accept the pureed food at all and I began to think that we would need to take the baby-led weaning approach. I did some research on it, along with this article by a fellow mom, named Anna, from that gave the basics of baby-led weaning and what to expect. (If you’re interested in this approach, this article is a good starting place and isn’t too overwhelming with information).  Carter is currently in transition from pureed to mashed consistencies. He willingly accepts most baby food, but when it comes to the vegetables, he mostly will reject it unless masked by a fruit flavor.

Along comes this great new company, Raised Real.  I must fully disclose that this is not a sponsored post, but I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience! Raised Real is a company that delivers organically-sourced, flash-frozen meals to your doorstep for your tiny human. When you sign up for their service, 20 meals get shipped to you every 2 weeks, each that contain a unique combination of nutritious ingredients for your baby. The meal cards provided in each box not only give a breakdown of ingredients, but also provide nutritional information on how each meal helps your baby’s growth.

So you may think, “Carolyn, how is this any different than buying a bunch of frozen veggies from Whole Foods?” Well they come individually wrapped with all the necessary ingredients already packaged in perfect portions. There is literally no measuring needed! Most of these combination of flavors and spices I wouldn’t have thought of myself, so the experts do all the leg work in creating the perfect formulas. They include superfoods like tumeric and ginger that I haven’t yet tried integrating into my baby’s food. Yay for palate-training!!

So what type of preparation is involved? Open the pouch, throw it into the steamer, wait about 10 minutes and then serve! I also love that it’s a 2-for-1 for both kids: keep it in small bite form for Chase to try out, mash it up into a semi-puree for Carter or blend it with the hand mixer for a real puree texture. For a full-time working mom, nothing can get more easier for food-prep that doesn’t involve a microwave, involves minimal cleanup AND takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

How cool is this? 1) organic meals, 2) easy prep 3) feed both kids. WIN WIN WIN. It’s not a guarantee that the kids will love the meals the first time, but at least they’re getting a taste of something new and I don’t feel that I’ve wasted an entire bag of groceries on a failed meal. In the end, if they don’t eat it, I know I will!

Like what you see? Wanna give Raised Real a try? Use my code “CAROLYN25” to get $25 off of your first order!! Thanks Raised Real for letting us try out your meals, you may be the dinner MVP!