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Renovation Projects

My husband and I decided to do a few small renovation projects in our kitchen, bathroom and living room. Everything is pretty updated except the original color of the walls was giving off the wrong vibe. The kitchen was a light, flat yellow, the powder room lavender. In our living room was an old-fashioned, recessed, wet bar counter and sink with countertop-to-ceiling mirrors on each of the three walls. Very 80’s, and very much an eyesore.

I decided on a medium grey semi-gloss for the kitchen to give that modern farmhouse feel, and make the white cabinets stand out. Our breakfast nook, which is attached to the kitchen is our main place to eat and work, so I continued the grey into that room as well.















I also wanted to make a chalkboard wall in our breakfast nook. For Chase to play and draw pictures…but also for me to play and draw pictures. Adults can have a child’s desires as well!

The powder room revamp was relatively easy to design. The tiles needed to be treated for grout discoloration, but were in overall working condition. I had seen these “floating shelves” design which I had implemented over the toilet for storage. With a new rustic-chic vessel sink to replace the pedestal sink and a paint color change to navy, it was like we had a whole new bathroom!

The nook in the living room was a wet bar with a sink. Very obsolete and awkward-looking to have a sink right beside the TV. We had the nook gutted, the counter replaced and shelves added. I found a neutral, patterned wallpaper to create an accent wall behind the shelving. The product is a fully functioning set of shelves to display some of our african art.

Bottom line: never underestimate the power of color. It can change the entire energy of a room and decor. Also, always look at unused small nooks or closets as a way to repurpose them for displaying art, as storage or add dimension to a room.