‘Staches or Lashes…baby gender prediction

For our first pregnancy, my husband and I had a great debate: to know the gender of our baby or to have it be a surprise. Our compromise was that I was allowed to find out, but I couldn’t tell anyone…not even him. My husband was in the room during the anatomy ultrasound, but as a radiologist himself, it made it very tricky for the ultrasound tech not to inadvertently reveal the gender. I asked her to write it down and I checked it later when my husband wasn’t around. So for the remaining 5 months I had to keep the gender a secret until Chase was born.  My husband fulfilled his dream of running out to the waiting room to our families to shout, “It’s a BOY!”

This time around, we are finding out the gender (I twisted his arm).  I’ve been pretty eager to find out if Chase will have a little brother or sister, and I had some fun trying out some old wives tales that predict gender.  Some are downright ridiculous, which makes them that much more fun. Here are the results so far:

Fetal Heart Rate– above 140 bpm= girl, below 140bpm= boy. RESULT: 150-160’s, girl

Cravings– Sweet= girl, salty= boy. RESULT: both?

Belly Shape– Wide and high like a watermelon= girl, Low and narrow like a basketball=boy.
RESULT: I’ve been told I look wider and carrying high (girl)…but I honestly don’t see the difference.

Linea Nigra– Stops at belly button= girl, Extends up to rib cage= boy. RESULT: girl

Morning sickness– Extreme nausea/vomitting= girl, Minimal nausea/vomitting= boy. RESULT: boy

Wedding ring on a string– Spins in circular motion= girl, back and forth like a pendulum= boy. RESULT: girl 

Urine color– (i know, that’s gross) light yellow= girl, dark yellow= boy. RESULT: actually, I’m just chronically dehydrated and don’t consume enough liquids throughout the day which is why it is dark. Sorry, I’m in healthcare…did you really expect me to believe that one?


Now for some international superstitions. I’m not sure how reputable my sources were…but then again how reliable are superstitions?

Norwegian folklore– Kicks in the left side= girl, right side=boy. RESULT: GIRL. OW.

Chinese Gender Chart: Lunar age of mother+ Lunar Year of Conception **I’ve learned that you must convert the western/gregorian age and year of conception BEFORE you check the chart.** RESULT: Boy

Mayan Chart– the age of conception with the year of conception. Both even/odd= girl, even and odd= boy. RESULT: Girl

Swedish folkore-Thinning hair=girl, long, thicker hair=boy. RESULT: boy

Carribbean Forklore– Someone places a spoon and a knife under two cushions on a chair or couch without the mother knowing. If the mother sits on the cushion with the spoon= girl, knife= boy RESULT: boy

German Folklore– Sleepy all the time=girl, well rested= boy. RESULT: Girl. But honestly, I get less than 6 hours every night anyways and have a toddler, who wouldn’t be sleepy.

Greek Forklore– Someone shines a light in the mother’s eyes, two dots in the irises=girl, one dot=boy. RESULT: boy


FINAL RESULT: I’m having some sort of human baby. Stay tuned…



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