Sunshine State of Mind

My husband went away for a week out of the country, and so I decided to take a trip down to my parent’s house in Florida. It was the first time for Chase to be flying, and I was to do it single-handedly. I did my research, bought the right equipment and filled my carryon with all the essentials.  At security checkpoint, I managed to handle two carryons, a wiggly baby out of the stroller, to fold up the stroller and put it on the x-ray belt. Talk about juggling! The flight itself was a little nerve-wracking at first, I was praying that he would stay quiet.  After a few thwarted attempts to engage his sleeping neighbor on the plane, Chase fell asleep for most of the ride.


My parents couldn’t wait to spoil the little cub with hugs and affection, which allowedme some mama-spa time (and wow was it appreciated). Every morning my dad wouldsit outside on the back porch with Chase and point out different exotic birds that would drop by the pond behind their home.  So this was the retired life…it was a different type of relaxing. It was a no-agenda, no-deadline, no-committments type of relaxing. I could see why they enjoyed their new “normal”.


I was most looking forward to introducing Chase to the beach and the ocean. I’ve never seen this kid scared of anything, and apparently waves would be the first. Eventually he warmed up to the sand under his tiny toes.  He was much more fond of the kiddy pool that my parents had set up in the backyard.

The final night we spent watching the sunset over the river at their friends’ home and feeding the turtles.  The message that I extracted from this entire trip was simple, literally. Sometimes the simple life is the one that brings the most happiness.  Trips don’t always need an itinerary or bucket list. It’s the little things, like watching your child shove a handful of sand in his mouth for the first time, that make memorable moments. Next trip, I plan to unplan, and let the adventures and experiences unfold organically.