As A DC Local

The Future is Feminine

When the results rolled in on November 8th, I shared a similar sentiment with most of my friends: devastation. But I’m not one to sulk for very long over losses or disappointment. I’m also not one to engage in bitter protests that would do more damage than good. Many of my friends were planning to attend the Women’s March on Washington that was to occur the day after the inauguration.  I was worried that my husband wouldn’t agree with me going from a safety standpoint, but to my surprise he was completely in favor of me being a part of history.

I parked my car near the metro station and walked with my sign in hand and camera on my shoulder. There was a man standing on his porch with one of those  “Make America Great Again” hats, sipping his coffee and staring as I walked by. For a moment I felt uncomfortable, but I noticed a flood of pink shirts, pussy hats and pro-feminism hats all around me. The flood of people were multiplying as I drew closer I got to the metro, and then downtown. There were women of all ages, men, children and babies all convening in one place to fight for equality. The same paths around the national mall and monuments that I used to jog with my dog were now being traversed by hundreds of thousands of feminists. It was so powerful to be part of something so powerful. It was peaceful, but we were determined to be heard. There’s work to do.

My good friend, Denae has started a clothing line initiative, the Future is Feminine, to encourage the integration of feminine principle into our society, our dialogue and our consciousness. I was so proud to represent her line at the march. Check out more HERE!