Women Uplifting Women: A Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is only 2 weeks away.  On Mother’s Day we celebrate the superwomen who have the hardest but most gratifying jobs: being a mom.  The festivities can range from a simple card and flowers, to a full day of pampering and spoiling the queen of the household. I started thinking about the mothers who have the same demanding responsibilities of caring for children, but don’t receive the same recognition on this day, especially those who are victims of domestic abuse and homelessness. House of Ruth is a non-profit organization that provides safe shelter, transition programs and resources/essentials to women and children who face these hardships. I decided to partner with House of Ruth in downtown DC for a private Mother’s Day charity event. The Women Uplifting Women event was a small gathering at my home to benefit women at House of Ruth. With the help of some amazing mama friends, we put together spa gift bags for 12 women in this program, including bath bombs, makeup, lotions, perfumes, eye masks etc.  We had a fun time connecting with each other and sharing our own mommy stories as well.

In addition to the gift baskets, TherapeuticMiles is running a campaign to raise funds for these special women.  Some days I feel completely spent by a full day of work and coming home to care for two little ones. Then I’m humbled by the thought of all that I am blessed with, the resources I have available to me and the supportive tribe that we’ve built around us. I think of a mother who doesn’t have the bare necessities to care for herself or her children. I think about the mother who had to uproot herself and her children from their home to ensure their safety.

Here some actual testimonials from women who benefit from House of Ruth:

~Tracy* and her three children found themselves homeless after fleeing domestic violence. Tracy began to heal from her trauma through therapy at House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Support Center. She and her children moved into House of Ruth’s permanent supportive housing, which gave her the ability to re-enroll in her graduate program, and complete her degree. Tracy now has a home to raise her children in and is a practicing, licensed social worker. 

~When Chloe* first arrived at House of Ruth she had no savings and no income. Chloe was able to distance herself from her abuser and find safety with House of Ruth. Her and her children are now living in a secure, nurturing space while she takes big steps forward in preparing for more permanent housing. Chloe now has the tools she needed to get herself back on her feet and start healing. Because of donations to House of Ruth, Chloe is building a bright future for herself and her children.

In celebration for Mother’s Day, I ask you to consider making a donation to House of Ruth so that they may continue to support these women in need. These are mothers who have endured situations that most never can fathom, and really deserve to feel like the brave, courageous women they are.

Help a mother by donating here:

Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Thank you so much for your help!!