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Wood Pallet Herb Garden

Original post 7/10/16

I’ve always wanted my own little herb garden on the deck…something within steps of the kitchen. I had seen this idea on Pinterest and had to try it out for myself. We had an old wood pallet from a landscaping project that would work perfectly. The whole pallet was painted white and let dry. When it was dry, we turned the pallet on it’s side so that it was standing tall, but upside down from how we wanted it to stand in the end. We added a few small pieces of wood to reinforce what would be the floor beds of the garden, in addition to some black landscaping fabric so that the soil would not fall through. We then turned the pallet upright as seen in the photo and added the soil. You can use pre-grown herbs or plant them from scratch. As for the herb labels, I used some chalkboard plates from Michaels craft store and attached them to large tongue depressors and stuck them into the soil. VOILA!

What you need for this project:

  • Regular wood pallet
  • Extra small pieces of wood (for support floors)
  • Landscaping fabric (enough to line the beds)
  • White paint
  • Small chalkboard signs and/or tongue depressors
  • Any herb your heart desires!!

Update from a year later 6/26/17:

The herb garden is still going strong. I found copper garden posts and used a sharpie, since my chalkboard ones did not survive a few thunderstorms too well last summer. So far still happy with our little backyard garden. And little Chase has developed a green thumb as well 🙂